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November 17, 2023

HS Hub Maintenance and Update

The Homeschool Hub is scheduled for maintenance this  Saturday (11/18) from 1am-5am ET. The maintenance is for backend updates. We are also updating some features in the HS Hub.

Feature Updates:

  • Parents will have the ability to move an assignment to a different lesson.
  • The Print Test button that is next to quiz/test assignments in Online Video Courses is no longer available. We now provide a “print friendly version” available in lesson resources of the parent login. The print friendly version for Grades 5-12 tests/quizzes is also available in Course Resource.
  • In the parent profile below your information, a new link is available to get recent purchases in order to assign courses without needing to logout/login.
  • The unassign option has been added to the course page.
  • The unassign option will be unavailable permanently after 60 days the course is first assigned.
  • In the parent profile, student order is now adjustable.
  • In the calendar, a go to date has been added to jump to a specific day, week, or month.